Do you live in a part of the Philippines where there are lots of coconuts grown, harvested, and the shells thrown away? A Beston charcoal making machine takes those coconut shells and turns them into charcoal you can sell in your province or ship anywhere in the Philippines.

Charcoal Machine in Turkey

BST-50 Charcoal Machine in Turkey

A charcoal making machine that can turn waste into a product you can sell is a great investment. Imagine telling all of the coconut sellers, and even grocery stores, in your area to keep their shells for you. You can pick them up each day, take them back to your business, and start turning them into charcoal.

The Beston biochar equipment uses gas to convert the coconut shells into charcoal. Your initial investment is to buy the machine, hook up electricity, and connect your gas canister to the machine. The machine does the hard work of making the charcoal.

You will need to take time to chop up the coconut shells into small pieces. It can use pieces up to 20mm in size. The coconut needs to be dried for a few days before you run it through the biochar equipment, also. Beston recommends having the moisture levels at around 50 percent before starting the process. Since you will be gathering coconut shells on a daily basis, you should always have shells dry enough to make charcoal.

The charcoal making machine increases efficiency by recycling exhaust gases back through the system to make sure you get the most production for your investment. All Beston products are energy-saving and eco-friendly.

Biomass Charcoal

Where can you sell the charcoal you produce? It can be sold barbecue vendors, to homes, or to factories that use charcoal in their manufacturing processes. An addition to the equipment allows you to make charcoal powder for export. Charcoal is also used in water filtering systems and as a fertilizer. If you are producing more charcoal than you can sell as fuel to local vendors, you have many other options. Except for coconut shell charcoal making machine, Beston also has sawdust charcoal machine for sale. Here is a website for you:

Charcoal has been used in the Philippines and around the world for centuries. It is a product which will continue to be in high demand for as long as you can imagine. Charcoal making business is a business that can make money for you, and your family, for your entire life. You can either buy new equipment, or you can frequently find Beston charcoal making machines for sale in the Philippines. Watch online business groups, and auction businesses if you wish to find an ideal machine. You can also contact the pre-sales consulting service from Beston to know more about their products.

Watch in your grocery store and the roadside vendors the next time you are out. You will notice they have large piles of coconut shells that are going to be hauled away as trash. Your charcoal making business, such as, rice hull carbonizer, wood chips charcoal making machine, will turn trash into a product that is in high demand around the world. You help keep the Philippines clean and create jobs. Charcoal making is also a profitable business. Your hard work and investment in a Beston charcoal Making machine can give your family a brighter future.