Do you have a bridge crane at your facility that is simply not powerful enough? You may have one of the one ton mobile units at your disposal. Instead of getting an identical one to move heavier loads, you may want to consider getting one that can lift as much as 5 tons. Of course, this is still a very minimal amount of weight. You can actually get gantry cranes that can lift over 100 tons or more. There are certain characteristics about getting a 5 ton bridge crane that you may want to consider if you need to get one that is capable of helping you with heavier loads.

The Bridge Crane

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Why Would You Need One That Is Small?

Although there are many reasons that people purchase these smaller gantry cranes, it is usually due to convenience. These smaller models are beneficial when you are running a business that requires you to move small amounts of weight(cantidades de puente grua). Additionally, smaller ones are easy to bring with you. This is another factor that you may want to consider. If you are working at multiple locations, and you only have one portable gantry crane(grua puente movil), this might be exactly why you need another.

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Interesting Characteristics Of 5 Ton Bridge Cranes

There are three notable qualities of these Bridge cranes which can lift as much as 5 tons. First of all, they are typically portable(típicamente portátil grua). This means that you can move them wherever you need to position them. It may also mean that you can collapse them and bring them to different job sites if you want. Second, they tend to be very easy to set up. That is because they are much smaller than a traditional gantry crane. When you think about all of the other gantry cranes that are produced, they are almost always stationary, welded in place. Finally, gantry cranes that lift 5 tons may also have a trolley. You are typically using these to reposition different loads. This can be helpful if you are moving pallets of material from one truck to another, or simply loading or unloading a truck that is at your facility.

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Where Can You Find Affordable Gantry Cranes Like This?

The affordable gantry cranes that can lift this much weight are extremely easy to locate. They are a very popular type of crane, and are much more prolific than those that lift hundreds of tons at one time. There will literally be tens of thousands of people that will purchase these every year from different countries all over the world. When you find classified ads that are advertising these internationally, this is where you will find the information that you need to make your purchase.

The people that use these gantry cranes are almost always looking for a portable unit that is easy to move. They also need these units to be simple to set up, collapse, and transition to different job sites. 5 tons is not a lot of wait for any type of gantry crane. The prices that they charge are going to be relatively minimal. It should only take you a few minutes to locate these companies that will have the exact gantry cranes that can help your business keep up with increased amounts of production.